Driving Lights

Good quality Driving Lights are a necessity for driving around outback country roads, and we are lucky enough to have some great products available now, so its an exciting time in Driving Light technology !

There are so many brands to choose from, so we have simplified this process to bring you our pick of the best, with many good quality options to suit varying budgets.

Roadvision Australia Dominator DL Series 9 inch

Great value for money and a quality product to boot, the new Dl Series driving lights are an impressive light, they look great, have an inbuilt LED DRL strip and are backed by a 7 year warranty, we recently mounted them on our own vehicle and were wowed by the performance !


Livid Lighting Hyperdrive Mk2 – High Performance Driving Lights

This level of driving lights isn’t for everyone’s style of driving or budget….these are for the serious night time explorer who will regularly drive into the night on the loneliest of outback roads, or those who venture into the night for long periods.

To make it as a “top of the line” driving light there is a few extra boxes that need to be ticked, build quality of the bracketry, light housing, lighting circuit board, and LED chipset are just a few, we also look at what engineering goes into the cooling, efficiency and light projection, these will ensure that its a long lasting light with a focus on getting the best visual experience possible, because its not all about how bright a light is, but how good the vision experience is for the driver, and did we mention they come with a Lifetime Warranty ?


Hyperdrive mk2 Driving Lights







Please contact us for pricing Driving Lights to suit your needs and budget today on 0490384901 or woody@drovercamping.com.au